Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On the road again: London, day 5
WorldCon, day 0

Sleep and work and sleep and work ate the morning, and then it was off for lunch and a walk around Covent Garden.  In the course of this stroll, I ran across one of my favorite restaurant signs.

Click an image to see a larger version.

The image is for an Italian place, Polpo, at which I've never eaten.  I just love the image.

After lunch, it was time to change hotels and locations so I could attend the World SF Convention (WorldCon, this year LonCon 3) without paying enormous cab fares every day. 

After setting up in a new hotel, I registered for the con and then explored the ExCel Convention Center, the hosting facility.  Wow, is this place big. 

In this shot you can almost see the light coming from the doors on the other side of the place, a few blocks away. 

The docklands area has a predictably industrial vibe, though the convention center is quite upscale.

Tomorrow, the con begins in earnest!

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