Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On the road again: London, day 12

The wake-up call came entirely too early.  Just as I was almost ready to go, though, I learned that my flight was running about a hundred minutes late, so I was able to grab another 90 minutes of rest, which though not as good as sleeping longer was still a help.

I caught up with work as best I could in the Admirals Club, then answered the open messages on the plane—but due to the lack of bandwidth could not send my responses or keep up with the work day.

I want my transatlantic bandwidth.  Just sayin’.

I consequently landed both quite tired from over nine hours in a plane and rather far behind on work.

I've since caught up on work, had dinner with family, and now hope to get a long night of sleep and awaken feeling I'm in the right time zone. 

I greatly enjoyed London and cannot wait to visit it again.

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