Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Bobcake arrives!

Today, the Bobcake arrived.  For those who don't follow this blog, the Bobcake is a huge, dense, rich, insanely delicious chocolate cake that Bob makes for us each year.  This cake is so big it has a name and may soon get a zip code.

In the past, we've also asked Bob to bake for us his wonderful carrot cake, the CaBobcake, a creation that weighs almost as much as the Bobcake but takes up only half the space.  When we last encountered a CaBobcake, we consumed it in about 28 hours.  This year, we're embracing the notion that the beach is an "and" place, not an "or" place, so we asked Bob to prepare two CaBobcakes. 

Here we see the cakes preparing for their ride home in the back of the rental van.

Click an image to see a larger version.

Note the quiet dignity of the Bobcake--and the fact that it's almost as wide as a car seat. 

From above, right before we cut into it, the Bobcake looks like a giant chocolate battleground. 

The CaBobcake, on the other hand, could almost pass for a light, fluffy desert, did we not know just how dense it truly is.

The question before the house is simple:  Can our hearty band of adventurers consume the entire Bobcake and not one, but two CaBobcakes, or will the cakes carry the day?

Ah, the challenges of beach life.

Stay tuned for updates in the humanity vs. Bobcakes battle.


Michelle said...

My thighs are expanding just looking at the photos. What a chocolate paradise you have been provided.

Mark said...

It is a wonderland of calories.


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