Sunday, July 6, 2014

The beach, email, and I

Email and I normally have a very tight relationship.  I spend a lot of every day with email, I receive a ton of it, and I send a ton of it.  If you correspond with me, odds are that I've been very rapid to respond to your messages.

At the beach, I do my best to break the bonds of that relationship.  I go completely off work email, a change that I sincerely find good for my heart and soul.  I tend to check personal email once a day, but I don't guarantee to do that; if some messages have to wait, so be it.

So, if I'm slower than usual in responding to you, please cut me some slack.  I'm on vacation, and I'm just not going to be glued to my various email clients.  I promise to answer all messages in time, but I don't make any promises about just how quickly I will get to them.

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