Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On the road again: Portland, day 3

Today, the rains came, and I ended up walking in them on multiple occasions, so I was soaked many times.  So it goes. 

Dinner, the only part of the day I can discuss, was a lovely meal at Castagna, a Portland restaurant that mixes modernist techniques with great local ingredients.  Executive Chef Justin Woodward draws on his experiences at WD-50, Noma, and Mugaritz to create dishes that are highly evocative of the Northwest, absolutely delicious, and always delightful and surprising.  I recommend it highly.


Rosemary Leonard said...

Mark - We all agreed it's been a very sad and lonely week without seeing you and your merry band of vacationers. Please let them know we miss them and tell Kyle that I was having such a bad day yesterday that I broke out the second box of Bergers. Rose

Mark said...

Thanks, Rose. We also miss the beach. I will relay the news to Kyle.


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