Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A new cake enters the house

At lunch today at my favorite local restaurant, where I eat lunch every day it is open, I was surprised and honored to see the specials board feature a new sandwich.

Click an image to see a larger version.

Last summer, they created this sandwich's predecessor, which was quite tasty.  This year's version was even better.

Thanks, Bob and Rose, for this treat.  I greatly appreciate it.

While running errands after lunch, we encountered a drive-through restaurant I had never seen:  Speedy Weenie.  Who could resist such a place?  Not I.  After a conversation with the young woman stuck in the small hut revealed that they were out of the pimento cheese bacon dog, I settled for a Diet Coke and a t-shirt.  I will wear it proudly. 

For dinner, Sarah made her justly famous 7-P pasta.

This huge bowl of cheesy deliciousness fed us all multiple helpings and looked afterward as if we'd barely touched it. 

Sarah also baked us many trays of incredibly tasty butter rolls.

The CaBobcake is still with us, but it is losing ground to our slow but steady attack.

We learned a while ago from Bob and Rose, who are both from Maryland, that Maryland has a state dessert:  the Smith Island Cake.  We also discovered that Bob knew how to bake this eight- to fifteen-layer beauty.  Armed with this knowledge, we had no choice but to order one from Bob.

Today, we picked up the first SmiBobcake. 

From the outside, before you cut into it, the SmiBobcake appears ordinary enough.

Okay, we had cut it once, but as of this shot we had yet to remove a piece.

Once you see a slice, you realize how amazing it is to encounter a normal-height cake with so many layers. 

Boy, was it yummy.  Part of the reason the CaBobcake is in such good shape is the damage we inflicted on the new SmiBobcake.

I will be surprised if either cake makes it to Friday.


Michelle said...

You are killing me with all this chocolate deliciousness! Can I actually have a sugar spike just by looking at the photos?

Mark said...

That might indeed be possible.

Deb said...

That SimBobCake looks like a Doberge cake! But hub says Doberge has pudding in between, so maybe not. A good friend from Slovakia made something similar but she didn't have an English name for it. She said the translation was something like "tree ring cake". She said each layer took a few minutes in the oven and had to be pulled out immediately or they would burn so it would take all day to bake!

Rosanne said...

you have definitely made it when you have a sandwich named in your honor!

Speedy Weenie T shirt. I had a T shirt when I was in college that was from Wendy's and had the words "Hot and Juicy" on it in large red letters. Not sure what I can or should add further about that.

Y'all look like you are having an awesome time. I bet no one is going to want to get on a scale once the beach trip ends though!

Mark said...

I did indeed feel honored by the sandwich.

Yeah, that sounds like an amazing search.

I don't know about the others, but speaking for myself, you are correct: the scale is not going to be my friend.

Mark said...

Deb, Bob said the cake required waiting between layers and special preparations, so I can indeed believe it is similar to that cake.


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