Thursday, June 19, 2014

Which 2014 Nicolas Cage movie would you most like to see?

Yes, Ol' Meltyface, the man who will appear in any movie, has three flicks due (or already out, depending on where you live) this year.  With so much Cage on offer, picking a favorite is tough--but we have to try.

Would it be the Chinese Cage, Outcast?

Or might it perhaps be the European Cage, Rage (aka Tokarev)?

Or will the big-budget American Cage, Left Behind, rule your desires?

Of course, the good news for us Meltees everywhere is that though we may each have our own favorite, we are united in our excitement at going to see all of them. 


steveburnett said...

I'm going to go personally with Rage/Tokarev as my personal favorite of these three, partly for Peter Stomare and Danny Glover in the supporting cast.

Mark said...

An excellent choice, though of course there were no bad choices.

Michelle said...

None of them....i prefer him in Valley Girls when he was first perfected the dumb ass look.

Mark said...

That's an old film, though; all of these are new this year.

Michelle said...

Yet, he has retained the dumb ass look throughout his career. Except
for Ghostrider when his face was on fire for a good portion of the movie. Frankly, it was my favorite look for him.

Mark said...

That was a good look for him, and it had the added benefit of explaining his melting face.


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