Saturday, June 21, 2014

Web site spam takes a strange turn

The spam flooding my inbox via my Web site's contact form is no longer offering me Russian sex partners and impotency cures.  No, those days are behind me.  Now, all of the offers center on two drugs:  tromadol and estrogen.

I find this rather disappointing.

I'm not in pain, so I have no need or desire for the first.  Were I in pain, I still wouldn't want it.  I very much avoid drugs and do not want to become dependent on them.

As for the second, even after a few minutes of Googling, I can see no benefit to it. 

I now must hope for a new wave of interesting spam to wash over and eliminate this current rather sad set of offers.


Scott Luihn said...

You know you need a vacation when your disappointed in your spam email.....

Mark said...

Perhaps so, but I would prefer better spam.


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