Friday, June 6, 2014

What's the perfect meal after Video Games Live?

Scott and I considered this very question after we left the show Wednesday night.  The answer came immediately:  gamer and programmer health food.

That fine thinking is how we found ourselves at the Busy Bee at ten o'clock at night staring at this healthy side of mac-and-cheese (on the right)

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and the equally low-cal side of loaded tots (on the left).

Oh, yeah, health all the way.

The meal only improved when our mains arrived.  Scott's loaded-tot burger, a phrase I never thought I'd hear or write, was a thing of wonder.

The side of tots with it only gilded the diet-bombing lily.

My more sedate (by comparison) burger featured only cheese, bacon, and a fried green tomato.

Note the salad on my plate.  We agreed the mere presence of a salad made everything healthier.

No, we did not finish all this food.

Yes, it was delicious.

Good times.

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