Thursday, June 5, 2014

Video Games Live

Scott and I went to see this show last night, and we had a fun time.  We'd seen it last year and enjoyed it then, so we were happy to go again this year.

Before the show, we each got a Diet Mountain Dew, a videogamer and programmer staple.  I almost never drink the Dew anymore, so the first taste took me back to my programming days.  

As they were last time, the NC Symphony was in fine form, playing every song beautifully and entertaining the audience throughout.  Show host and creator Tommy Tallarico put together a good program, and conductor Emmanuel Fratianni did a fine job with the orchestra.  I was once again impressed by how good many of the compositions were, and I very much enjoyed the music.

I wrote last year that the show's biggest weakness was its creator, Tallarico, and that is unfortunately still the case.  He needs to gain control of his ego and let his show shine on its own.  Instead, he fronted the orchestra over and over, playing a guitar we often could not hear and prancing about as if he was a rock star.  Though he did frequently thank and applaud the orchestra and choir, he couldn't even remember that the name of the choir was the North Carolina Master Chorale.  In a final indignity, he closed the show with his traveling vocalist, Jillian Aversa, singing the Portal song as he played guitar--and the orchestra watched.  When your ego is so big that you make an entire orchestra of professional musicians, every one of them better than you will ever be, watch you play a simple guitar tune, it's time for a reality readjustment.

Tallarico, really, get your ego under control.

I also have to note that just as with last year's show, the best part was getting to spend an evening with my son.  I treasure all the time I get with him.  I hope we go again next year. 


Rosanne said...

Glad y'all got to go and I'm so glad you got to have a great time w/ your son. Wonderful!

Mark said...

Thanks, Rosanne.


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