Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The new Hold Steady album is out

It's called Teeth Dreams, and if you're a Hold Steady fan, you either already have it or know you need it.  If you love rock and roll but don't know the Hold Steady, you need both this album and the rest of their catalog, particularly their amazing debut CD, Boys and Girls in America.

If you don't love rock and roll, move along; this is not the blog entry you're looking for.

If you're still here, enjoy this cut from the new album.


SarahVN said...

This is a GREAT album and I'm excited for you (and everyone) to listen to it!

Boys and Girls in American wasn't their debut, though, it was just the first one we listened to - The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me and Separation Sunday both came before Boys and Girls (and were less good, but still).

Mark said...

Thanks. I had not realized that other albums were first.

I do believe Boys and Girls in America remains one of the greatest albums ever.

Michelle said...

I saw Hold Steady live and they played for a little over 2 wonderful hours. I agree that Boys and Girls in America is just amazing. I look forward to listening to their new album.

Mark said...

Both times I've seen them, they've put on great shows.


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