Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On the road again: CES, Las Vegas, day 1

I'm going to keep this way shorter than I'd planned because the bandwidth in my hotel room has turned so bad that I cannot maintain an email connection or download a Web page in anything resembling reasonable time.  (Example:  I tried to open Amazon's home page and gave up after 15 minutes of no progress.) 

The short form is that Bill and I spent the day meeting and discussing many different topics and walking the CES show floor.  In the course of all of that, we also had the chance to see and drive (Bill) and ride (me) in BMW's new electric car, the i3.  It's a weird-looking but fun and quite peppy little car. 

I hope to have pictures and more to say tomorrow, when perhaps some of my many fellow bandwidth-hungry CES attendees will have gone home.

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