Sunday, January 5, 2014

Catch me at CES next week

My business partner, Bill, and I are heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for the biggest U.S. trade show of our industry, CES.  We'll be spending two days walking the floor, handing out golden tickets (follow PT's Twitter feed for details) to some vendors of mobile devices, and checking out the many interesting products on offer.

I have no dinner or show reservations; the focus this trip is all work.  Still, I hope we get to eat somewhere interesting at least once.  I know we'll get to spend time talking and planning for our business future, and such time is always fruitful. 

I haven't been to CES in a few years, so I'm quite looking forward to checking out the show.  Bill and I should be easy to spot, so if you see us, come up and say hello.

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