Friday, December 27, 2013

Zombie Hunter

Kyle's visiting, so the bad-movie times are rolling here at our place.  Last night's second--and worse--movie was this classic bit of low-budget zombie fare, a film whose box boasted the presence of Danny Trejo but whose actual footage suffered acutely from a severe lack of Trejo mojo.  I don't normally review our late-night flicks, but I'm writing this short piece as a public service to those of you who, like the two of us, will give pretty much anything a try if Trejo appears in it.  Unless you're a desperate Trejo completist, I have to suggest you give Zombie Hunter a wide pass. 

If you do decide to invest 93 minutes (and, oh, are they padded minutes) in this one, be prepared for such wonders as

  • one of the oddest looking actors I've seen in quite some time
  • zombies who started with a popular drug, a sad origin story
  • more vomit scenes than any one movie should contain
  • the worst skin on an actress in recent memory
  • a semi-zombie wielding a chain saw on that same actress
  • giant mega-zombies who appear for no particular reason
  • more blood-on-the-lens effects than any movie in recent memory
  • possibly the single worst sex scene ever filmed--and, no, there's no nudity
Seriously, despite that awesome list, I can't recommend this one.


Rosanne said...

I'm not sure if the book is in the YA or adult section of the library, (I think I found it in the adult fiction section) but I read the first book of what will be a trilogy, "Pure", and found the description of what happens to folks after a particular type bomb is detonated far creepier than any zombie lit, I have read, and at least as creepy as the few movies I have dared to watch. I think the second book is out now...time to check out the library. I hope the ending is not totally grim. I always like it better if there is a glimmer of goodness in characters and at least a tiny bit of hope for the world at the end of books or movies.

Mark said...

I also prefer a bit of goodness in at least some of the characters.


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