Saturday, December 28, 2013

UFC 168: What a card!

Earlier tonight, a group of us watched the latest UFC event on pay-per-view, UFC 168.  It was one hell of a card. 

Almost all of the prelims delivered entertaining fights.

Travis Browne knocked out Josh Barnett with vicious elbows and established himself as a serious heavyweight contender.

Challenger Miesha Tate took Women's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey past the first round for the first time in Rousey's MMA career, but in the end Rousey won again the same way she's ended all of her fights:  by armbar.  It was a great bout in which both women showed once again that they are true warriors.

In the main event, Chris Weidman retained his Middleweight championship by defeating Anderson Silva for the second time, but this match ended freakishly:  Weidman checked a kick, and Silva's lower leg snapped in half from the collision.  It was gruesome to watch.  Silva is clearly one of the greatest pound-for-pound MMA fighters ever, and we all can only hope that the surgery goes well and he recovers fully.  I fear, though, that this will end his MMA career, which will be a sad ending to an amazing run as a fighter.

Though Weidman won in this odd way, I believe he was winning both rounds before the kick, and I had picked him to win.  I expect him to hold the middleweight strap for quite some time.


Rosanne said...

not into fights or zombies but hope to one day read the two books you recently suggested. One was already on my "to read' list. Thanks for writing a review for your blog readers.

Mark said...

You're most welcome. I hope you enjoy the books when you get to them.

Michelle said...

I just saw a video of the Silva fight. It is horrendous. I can't imagine how painful that must have been. I agree with you that his fighting future does not look good.

Mark said...

I'm going to hope that Silva recovers fully and gets to fight again--though I'm not sure how reasonable that hope is.


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