Wednesday, July 3, 2013


never starts for me until I go to bed.  So, though it's after five a.m. now (despite what the timestamp on this post says) on Thursday, the Fourth of July, for me it's still Wednesday.  I will shortly go to bed, sleep a bit, and awaken on Thursday.

This approach helps make my long and late hours manageable for me, but it has the odd side effect of having me refer to email messages from "yesterday" that arrived in the "today" of the recipients.

I can live with that.

This approach to time has one definite weakness:  If I pull an all-nighter and simply don't sleep, as happens occasionally, my system breaks down.  I have to acknowledge the new day or lose it entirely. 

In those cases, I bow to the calendar and change days sometime in the new day, usually after my morning shower. 

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