Sunday, June 30, 2013

Late-show beach movies

Saturday, we head out for our annual family beach vacation.  As long-time readers know, we watch a lot of movies at the beach.  Some of them, those in the first show each evening, are generally good or at least interesting films. 

The late show, though, is a different story entirely.  For it, we pick action flicks, kung-fu sagas, weird Asian films, and so on. 

A few folks have asked me how we choose which movies to take for the late show.  Though there's no simple formula, I can tell you that one way to build your own high-class, beach, second-show collection is to concentrate on the oeuvre of three fine actors:

Nicolas "Melty Face" Cage

Dolph "Droopy Face" Lundgren

Steven "Maximum Fatness" Seagal

Yes, we have movies from all of them in this year's early selection. 

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