Thursday, June 6, 2013

Consider supporting Levi Weaver

Levi Weaver is a musician who lives in Nashville.  I've written about him on a few occasions, most recently this piece with a very cool video in it.  He's not really a friend, though he spent the night here when we hosted a house show, and I doubt he'd recognize me.  I just like his music, and I like that he keeps on working at his art no matter what. 

Now, he's made a new album, Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me.  He says it's his best yet, a common claim but one that, in this case, I believe.  He's running a PledgeMusic project to try to raise enough money to bring it out.  (PledgeMusic is somewhat like KickStarter and other crowdfunding vehicles.)  I pledged $125 to help make the album happen and to get the associated cool merch.  You can pledge as little as $15 to get a CD. 

He doesn't know I'm writing this; as I said, I doubt he remembers me.  I get no payment for doing this.  I just believe in supporting artists whose work touches us.  I appreciate it greatly every single time someone buys one of my books, and I'm sure Levi feels the same way about his music. 

Give a listen to his music, or check out the video link I gave above, and then consider helping him along.  You'll get cool stuff, and we'll all get a new album I want to hear. 

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