Monday, May 13, 2013

On the road again: Austin, day 1

Travel days turn bad quickly when flight delays hit them.  Today's flights were already sub-optimal, with a connection in faraway Chicago instead of nearby Dallas, but they were the only ones we could get on the notice we had.  I was already going to arrive later than I wanted, but the time was bearable.

A three-hour delay of the flight out of ORD changed all that.

I arrived in town late enough that all the non-sports-bar restaurants nearby were closed and the hotel's room service was shutting down literally three minutes after I checked in.  So, I ordered what I thought would be safe--shrimp cocktail and a salad--and received a very sad instantiation of each one.  So it goes. 

Tomorrow, I'll indulge in my usual Austin ritual.  Now, I have to finish working, unpack, and get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Now, now, no excuses about sports bars. Magnolia Cafe and Kerby Lane are both open til post-bar hours, and have decent food.

Mark said...

You're absolutely right. I couldn't afford the travel time to them given my early wake-up time the next day. That's all. I love Kerby Lane.


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