Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Travelin' man

This morning went to sleep and reading and being lazy, and a big chunk of the afternoon to travel to a new city, so I don't have much for you.

Lunch was a sandwich in the park on a bench in the shade.  The cherry trees remain gorgeous.  When the wind blew, the blossoms whirled like loose snow, and small children ran to play in the petal blizzard.  Everyone in the area stopped and smiled.

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The blossoms pooled on the ground like pink and white jewels. 

I flew Czech Airlines today for the first time.  Boarding was an unorganized scrum, but otherwise the flight was uneventful and pleasant, all that one can ask from a flight in economy. 

Now, I'm in a new city.  Clues?

It is, to me, a logical progression of the art tour I've been informally doing.  Got it?

Not yet?  Okay, the streets are cosmopolitan and full of all manner of shops and food.

Not yet?  Does this help?

If you don't already have it, I'm in Amsterdam, home of the newly reopened and supposedly amazing Rijksmuseum (Allyn, thanks for pointing out to me the renovation and reopening), the Rembrandt House Museum, the Van Gogh Museum (closed now for renovation but with its collection fortunately on display in the Hermitage), and many more.

I look forward to wandering the streets and to barraging my brain with great art!

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