Monday, April 29, 2013

Travelin' Man, once again

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, a variety of circumstances combined to make today another traveling day, the penultimate one of the trip.  After a long but somewhat restless sleep--I badly jammed a toe and so kept waking up when I brushed it too hard against the bed--I went through the usual morning rituals, checked out, and took a taxi to Amsterdam's Central Station. 

I figured to grab lunch there and ultimately did (pizza), but along the way I rejected many of the foods on offer.  This one gathered my quickest rejection.

Click on any image to see a larger version.

Yup, it's a French Fry sandwich.  No, there's no meat in it; just fries. 

A first-class seat in a high-speed European train is a fine way to travel.  It included free Wi-Fi and even a snack, with the world's tiniest can of Diet Coke (but no Coke Zero, alas). 

My hand is in the picture to illustrate the height of the can.

The scenery during the ride was frequently beautiful and full of green fields no doubt ready for planting (or already planted).

By the time I'd settled into the hotel, it was fairly late, so dinner was at the hotel restaurant.  I took a brisk walk afterward in search of Coke Zero, but to no avail.  Still the scenery not far from the hotel was lovely.

I won't play games with you this time:  I'm back in Paris, where I'll stay, except perhaps for a side trip, until I fly home Saturday.  Still so much to do and see!

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