Monday, March 25, 2013

The Paris/Louvre exercise plan

Before I get into the main topic of today's post, a couple of happy snaps seem in order.

Not far from the hotel, I walked by this little shop.

As always, click on an image to see a larger version.

I'm referring to the one with the small, silverish name:  Zimmerli.  It is a shop for the company that makes the world's best underwear, of which I own entirely too many pairs--underwear I bought, of course, in a fit of crazed four a.m. shopping.  I must never shop at that hour.

This year, Paris is celebrating the 850th anniversary of Notre Dame.  This shot is from the last row of seats, during a service today.

It is not the grandest cathedral, nor the most opulent, nor even the one that speaks most to me, but Notre Dame will always have a special place in my heart.

The big news for me today was just how incredibly out of shape I am.  Yes, of course I knew that intellectually, but I was nonetheless surprised by how fatigued and sore I was from today's activities:  strolling about two and a half to three miles, plus walking in the Louvre for nearly four hours.  Museum time is always mentally tiring, particularly time in a place as crammed with amazing art as the Louvre, and it is also physically a bit tiring, but I was entirely more wrung out from today's activities than I should have been. Where once I would have breezed through such a day without noticing it, now I am paying for it with soreness and fatigue.  I have much to do to improve myself. 

The two great personal issues I must address remain the same:  time and my health.  They are related.  I hope one product of this sabbatical is an ironclad determination to deal with both. 

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