Sunday, March 24, 2013

Napping, luxury, dinner, nothing

Despite my best intentions not to plan, I had developed a vague plan for today:  Arrive on time, sleep about six hours, wander, hit my favorite spot at dark.  In developing this itinerary, I'd assumed I'd be well rested after a week off work and a flight in first class.  Of course, the reality was otherwise:  I arrived tired and rather tight from cramming into coach.

So, in the spirit of the trip, I threw the plan out the window. 

Instead, I blogged, read a bit, then had a long nap.  I showered, ate a lovely dinner in the hotel's more casual restaurant, and will now read, perhaps flip through the amazingly varied TV channel selection, and then crash. 

Tomorrow, I will begin walking about Paris.  I expect I will feel quite rested; I am already much better than I was when I arrived.

In other news, this hotel has redefined luxury for me.  I've never stayed anyplace quite like it.  I knew I was spoiling myself with my first hotel selection, but I had no clue how much.  I highly recommend it (and I'll tell you later, maybe after I leave Paris, maybe before, where I am). 

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