Monday, March 4, 2013

Tesla Motors is haunting me

I almost bought a Tesla Model S Signature electric car last November.  I had decided that if I could get one of the first batch, I would do it, insane as the purchase would be.  Gina worked long and hard to make it happen, and she and a Tesla rep in California finally did. 

I backed out.

I did so for lots of reasons, but quite a few had to do with concerns about the company.

I did my best to make peace with the decision.  I was doing okay until I first saw one on the road in Silicon Valley, and then a few months later got to sit in my friend Ralph's.  Damn, that is a sweet, sweet car.

Still, I resisted. The wait time shot up to multiple months, and I made peace again with the decision. 

On the last night of TEDActive, Bill and I stood around a small outdoor dinner table with several fine folks, including a Tesla rep from Denver.  He offered great responses to all of my concerns.  He even said the wait time for a Model S Performance--basically, the Signature model without the name plate and the maroon color, which I did not want--was down to a month. 

Foolishly, tonight I configured one online.  Even with the recent price increase, it was cheaper than the Signature model (though still insanely expensive, of course), and it is now available in blue, my favorite car color.

I continue to resist.  I continue to try to make peace with the decision.

Wow, though, is that an amazing car.


Griffin Barber said...

My friend and hunting buddy just took delivery of his.

Loves it.

Mark said...

Yeah, everyone I know who owns one loves it.


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