Thursday, March 14, 2013

Birthday numbness

Birthdays usually upset me.  They drag me down, remind me of all that I haven't accomplished, force me to stare at least for a moment in the direction of death, and generally make me miserable.  I try hard to enjoy them.  I usually treat myself to extra sleep, the day off work, and so on.  None of those treats work, but I keep trying them.

This year, I've felt nothing so far.  The combination of exhaustion from working to get ready to go on my sabbatical and general exhaustion have left me nearly numb to the occasion. 

Oddly enough, I hope I feel something, even the usual depression, soon.  I have to hope sleep and my sabbatical will help.

On the other hand, not having my birthday upset me so much is probably quite a treat for my friends. 

Oh, yeah:  today was my birthday. 

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