Thursday, December 13, 2012

Running out of headroom for the tree

The spot where we put our Christmas tree is quite open and under the highest part of a high ceiling, so we usually aim to get a tall tree.

This year, we definitely succeeded.  To give a sense of scale, Scott (left and looking unhappy) and Aidan (right) are 5'10" and 6' tall, respectively.  They're holding onto the tree so they can crowd into the photo.  (That they are out of focus is entirely my fault.)

Click on the image to see a bigger picture.

Bagging the tree to make it easier to put on top of the van was a challenging process that took half a dozen of us. 

Next week, the decorating!

Tomorrow, though, the Vegas!


Anonymous said...

I can tell I am getting old because all I can think when I see that is about all sweeping its going to take to keep the floor clean. Nice tree, would love to see it fully decorated.

Merry Christmas


Mark said...

Yeah, it does require upkeep. I'll post a decorate picture next week, after our tree-trimming mini-party.


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