Friday, December 14, 2012

On the road again: Las Vegas, day 1

The cold I've been unsuccessfully fighting threw me to the ground last night and started beating on me.  My nose is like a faucet, and it and my lips look like someone took sandpaper to them.  So, I did the only smart thing:  slept four hours and got on planes for the whole day!  Shrewd, I am, shrewd.

The flights were good, though.  I dozed a lot on the first and worked for most of the second.  First class is always a treat and makes every flight better.

After we secured our room, we hung out a bit as I worked, then ate a decent Italian dinner at one of the many restaurants here in the hotel.

I'm too tired to write more, so I'll leave you with this photo of one of the many understated Christmas scenes the hotel and its shops have created.

When it comes to subtlety, you can't beat Las Vegas.

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