Friday, December 28, 2012

Four movies I want on Blu-Ray

that are almost certainly never going to appear in this format:

  1. Streets of Fire

  2. LA Story

  3. The Serial

  4. Whiffs
I'll defend the first three, though you can make strong cases against any or all of them.  I'm not sure it says anything good about me that I love the fourth, but there you go; it's a sick movie that somehow works for me.  It worked for my mom, too, for whatever that tells you.

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steveburnett said...

In addition to the first two on your list (I love LA Story), another that I just realized isn't yet on Blu-Ray that I want is Strange Days. Although if Zero Dark Thirty isn't a flop I have hopes for this year - the Lord of the Rings triggered a Blu-Ray of Jackson's Heavenly Creatures so perhaps Bigelow's back catalog will receive similar treatment.


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