Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Cosmic Christmas is here

Actually, it has been for a while; I've just forgotten to mention it until now.

In any case, this fine book of awesome SF Christmas stories is now available at your favorite bookseller, physical or online.  As just the list of authors on the cover should tell you, you need this book. 

If you're a Jon and Lobo fan and you don't own Jump Gate Twist, you particularly need this anthology, because it reprints the Lobo Christmas story (yes, you read that right:  a Christmas story starring our own favorite killing machine), "Lobo, Actually."  It's quite a good story, believe it or not, and with apologies for saying so myself. 

Of course, with other tales from Connie Willis, Larry Correia, Mercedes Lackey, and many more writers, even if you do own Jump Gate Twist (and, really, you should), you still need this book. 

What are you waiting for?  Go get it!

Tomorrow, we return to my normal, less-comfortable-at-promoting-himself me.  I rationalize this shameless exercise in hucksterism as being okay because my friend, Hank Davis, edited this book, so it's really his, not mine. 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story! I have loaned the omnibus to folks who "don't like sci-fi" and asked them to just read this story, at least. Every one of them loved "Lobo, Actually" and asked about more Lobo stories. It's a perfect balance between thought-provoking and touching - plus a PCAV ptoragonist! Glad to see it's getting more exposure; hopefully many new fans - wouldn't that be a nice holiday gift for you?!
- old aggie

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words. I do have a soft spot for that story.


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