Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top 5 reasons to come to the Cameron Village Public Library tonight at 7:00 p.m

By "tonight," I mean, of course, Thursday, October 18, 2012.  As I wrote in an earlier blog entry, super librarian and generally awesome fellow Dan Brooks has organized a reading and panel discussion on dark and urban fantasy.  Local author Clay Griffith and I will be on that panel, with Dan moderating the discussion.

If that's not enough to entice you into coming, here are the top five reasons you should be there by 7:00 to see the show. 

5. Libraries are awesome, this one is particularly cool, and they need our support.  Come on, admit it:  you know they are.  Without our support, though, it's possible that in a generation or two, kids will grow up knowing less about libraries than they do now about 78 rpm records.

4. You never know what might come out of my mouth.  Hell, I don't, so why should you?  With the right questions, I might tell you more about the world of Diego Chan than I've ever revealed, or let you know just what my mom said before the ninth grade dance, or, well, say any damn thing. 

3. The party will continue into dinner afterward. I mentioned this one in the earlier post, but it bears repeating, because a hot biscuit on a cool autumn evening is a wonderful thing indeed, particularly if you're sharing it with friends, new and old. 

2. Clay Griffith will finally reveal his secret powers of flight.  On his own, I mean.  Of course.  Anyone can fly in a plane.  Okay, maybe Clay won't do that, but when we were on a panel together a few months ago, he seemed like a nice guy, so we should support him. 

And the number one reason you should not miss this event is...

1. Dan Brooks and I will fight to the death in the library's MMA cage if every chair isn't full. You can't want that to happen.  I would miss Dan, and the library would have to pay a special crew to clean up its octagon.

Seriously, come on down.  It'll be fun.


Clay Griffith said...

Way to give away my big finish.

Mark said...

Sorry, Clay. It was bound to come out.

Dan Brooks said...

So that's why those workmen delivered a caged octagon to the library yesterday. Let's hope those chairs fill up because I do not want to get my ass kicked tonight.

Michelle said...

Damn, my library NEVER does this. They just have storytime and occasional sing alongs. No fair! Who has to clean the blood off the books when it is over?

Mark said...

And I would feel bad if I had to kick your ass, Dan--though in the interest of keeping our commitments, I would, of course, do it.

Mark said...

Michelle, we always put plastic over the books before the fights. We're not barbarians.

J. Griffin Barber said...

Would that I could officiate.


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