Friday, October 19, 2012

Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher?

I'm a stone fan of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels.  They're reliably fun and often more, their pacing is relentless, and Child is a very entertaining writer.  The books frequently have little to do with reality, but that's okay; he sells the departures well enough.  Reacher himself is a huge presence, both as a fictional character among mystery fans and in stature:  six-foot-five and anywhere from 220 to 240 pounds of muscle. 

Every single Reacher fan I know thus said (at best) "Huh?" when the news broke that Tom Cruise would star in the Jack Reacher film due this Christmas.  After all, Reacher is nearly a foot taller and vastly larger than Cruise.

At cons, I've heard Child defend the casting on the grounds that Cruise has the presence to carry it off.

Though I will, of course, go see the movie, I've been convinced Child was wrong.

This trailer, though, gave me some hope that the movie could be good.  (Thanks to Steve for pointing me to it.) 

Some hope.  I'm not convinced, but I am more hopeful now than I was before.   


Michelle said...

Too bad. Another movie potentially ruined by Tom Cruise. Does he have the acting chops? Yes, in some roles, but he also over acts and ruins a movie. Besides, a reader has a certain image of a character and then the wrong actor casting ruins it makes it unbelievable. He totally blew Rock of Ages for me.

steveburnett said...

That little shrug and head-tilt near the end works for me for the character, honestly: it's as if he's saying some days you just can't help getting out of bed and having things like the scene they're watching happen.

Mark said...

Whereas, Michelle, I actually liked him in Rock of Ages.

Mark said...

Steve, I agree.

Michelle said...

The difference is, You like Tom Cruise, I don't. I can't seem to separate his Scientology ramblings from his acting. I know this isn't fair, but he has made it clear about mental diseases being cured by vitamins and exercise that I can't let go of. And there is the whole "no such thing as post-partum depression" that sealed his fate with me. Hence, he will never resume his place of Top Gun in my world.

Mark said...

To be accurate, I don't like Tom Cruise. I just don't hold against his acting the notion that, from all the available evidence, he is a jerk.

Toni L.P. Kelner said...

The only two things that make me think this could work are "Did you think I was a hero?" -- even though thtat was overacted -- and the bit where the other people on the street casually step in front of him and hand him a hat.

Mark said...

Those two are nice bits indeed.


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