Sunday, October 7, 2012

On the road again: Bouchercon, Cleveland, day 5

I've written before about the strangeness that is a hotel after a con has closed down.  One minute, the halls are full of badged people hustling to and fro, chatting in clumps, looking baffled, and milling about.  Signs outside meeting rooms list programming events.  People sit attentively in chairs inside those same rooms.

The next, the hotel staff has taken the place back to Kansas.  The rooms sit empty.  Few people fill the halls.  Check-out lines are long, and then the hotel is back to normal, until the next event comes to transform it.

Today was that transition day for Bouchercon, as it wrapped up around noon with the last sessions. 

I enjoy this con, and I go to a lot of panels, but I come away yearning for more time to write, so that I could actually finish the mystery I've started, see if I could sell in that genre in addition to SF. 

Dinner tonight was a fixed-menu affair at Crop Bistro, a beautiful place set inside what was once a Federal bank.  We added a couple of appetizers to the salad, main, and dessert three-course menu.  Everything we tasted was good, but the portions were so large that we ended up wasting a lot of food.  Unlike last night's disappointing Flying Fig, Crop Bistro would get my business were I to come this way again.  For those who live here, I certainly recommend it. 

Now, back to work.


Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed your time in our fair city, Mark! There's a lot more here to see & do - hope you'll come back some time soon ... dare I hope for a J&L book tour visit?
- old aggie

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words. Cleveland was a lovely place indeed.

As for a book tour, well, I think my sales have to go up quite a lot before my publisher will send me on one of those. Here's hoping, though!


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