Saturday, October 13, 2012

Go see Seven Psychopaths

A few days ago, I blogged that this was the opening film that I most wanted to see, so of course I went to it at my first opportunity.

It is wonderful, brilliant, funny, and just the best movie I've seen in some time. 

The more I say about it, the more I risk hurting your experience, so I'm not going to discuss any details.

I will say that its plot makes moves you won't expect--and lots of them.  Its cast is uniformly wonderful, and both Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell deserve Best Supporting Actor nominations for their performances.  I laughed more frequently and harder than I've laughed at any movie in ages, and yet I was frequently touched by it. 

If you don't have a sick sense of humor, or if violence or bad language offend you, I can imagine that you might have a very different reaction, maybe even hate Seven Psychopaths

The rest of you, though, should run to the nearest cinema, buy tickets, and have a great two hours.

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