Monday, June 25, 2012

Please don't let Jerry Sandusky kill himself

I was very happy to read about the conviction of child-molester and rapist Jerry Sandusky, once the defensive coordinator for the Penn State football team.  I was concerned, though, about the articles saying that Sandusky was on suicide watch and that fellow inmates were taunting him.

I don't want Sandusky to kill himself.  I really don't.  

I also don't want the other inmates to taunt him.  Taunting isn't nearly enough for this sick excuse for a shell of a man.  

In one of those statements that will ensure I will never hold an elected office, I want Sandusky in the general prison population so the rest of the inmates can give him exactly the same kind of love he gave to all the boys he molested and raped.  I want Sandusky to feel the helplessness of being physically overpowered, of having no one to tell, of having no safe place to hide.  I want him to suffer.  

I know that makes me less of a person than I should be.  I know I should rise above my base nature, forgive, and be a better person.  I know this sentiment makes me a terrible political liberal.  In this case, though, my fondest hopes are that Sandusky's fellow prisoners get the chance to show him the other side of the abuse and damage he did to so many innocent boys.  

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