Friday, June 29, 2012

It's time to award John Picacio a Hugo

John Picacio, who by way of disclosure is a friend and the man who did the cover art for two of my books, is up this year for the Best Professional Artist Hugo.  The nomination is quite an honor, one I strongly believe he deserves for the quality of his work in 2011.  (You can check out those pieces here.)

It's also an honor that John has experienced before--seven times before.  Yes, this is his eighth Hugo nomination.  Seven prior nominations, but no prize.

It's time to break that streak.

The other nominees this year--Stephan Martiniere, Dan Dos Santos, Bob Eggleton, and Michael Komarck--are all fine artists whose work I quite like.  Each and every one of them deserves a Hugo. 

With no disrespect for any of their work, though, we can award only one Hugo in each category each year.  Let's send 2012's Best Professional Artist Hugo to John.

By the way, John has no clue I'm doing this and will probably be mortified when he finds out, but he'll have to deal; I want to see him win this year.


Anonymous said...

You should post some of his art, preferably what he is being nominated for but the ones he did for your books work fine too.


Mark said...

You can find John's 2011 portfolio here:

He did the covers for Jump Gate Twist and No Going Back. Both covers are on my site. I hope this helps.


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