Sunday, March 11, 2012

Now that's a fight league introduction

Forget about the UFC's gladiators, or the new intro before their PPVs. We need the intro for India's Super Fight League.

Yeah, it runs over four minutes, but so it goes; some things can't be rushed.

Seriously, how are we to deduce fighting from this intro? Why are those men dancing? What are they saying? What is that strange sound they make in the choruses? Why does an intro run so long it has choruses?

Why do we care?

None of that stuff matters; this is amazing.

Thanks to Kyle for pointing me to this.


Michael said...

Is this really being used for an intro for a fight league? I haven't seen this in a while, but it's the same music video that existed for this song when I first saw it. That had to be 7-8 years ago, I think. Daler Mehndi is the artist, and his other videos are even more confusing/creepy.

Mark said...

Interesting data, Michael. That's my understanding, but I could easily be wrong. Verifying it is very difficult.

Kyle said...

Hm. The Whole SFL event is actually up on Youtube, and I don't see that video at the start. It may be a prank.

On the other hand, the night of fights does end with--I am not making this up--a Bollywood dance number. (Also don't miss Bob Sapp tapping out to a double-leg takedown.)

Mark said...

Let's assume the video intro is a prank. Ah, well; I'd still love that video at the start of every fight show.

I really, though, love the Bollywood dance at the end. That is amazing.

Bob Sapp hurting his leg on the take-down is just sad.

J. Griffin Barber said...

I need to move to India and become a pop star. They obviously have no problem with guts and beards!


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