Saturday, March 17, 2012

My new funniest typo

Funny things come out of your fingers when you're writing and really into a story. Or, at least, funny things come out of my fingers in such situations.

Homonym problems frequently bedevil me. From what other writers tell me, that's common. The mistake that previously held the title of funniest typo in my books was one Dave spotted for me. I was discussing someone arming a group of freedom fighters, and what I accidentally typed was

arming gorillas
As Dave said, I want to see that scene.

What I meant, of course, was
arming guerrillas
In No Going Back, however, I made what I believe is now the winner of the Funniest Typo award. This one came courtesy of the autocorrect feature in Word on one of the computers I used to write the book. I always disable that feature on each system, but I use a lot of different computers, and sometimes I fail to remember to turn it off.

Thanks to this feature and some unknown typing error on my part, I actually turned in a ms. with this phrase:
We simply have a more gentile, polite group...
I hope those who read the eARC do not read anything anti-Semitic into that error.

In the final book, thanks to the good services of proofreader Geoffrey Kidd and our subsequent discussion, we have the correct phrase:
We simply have a more genteel, polite group...
Much better.

Thanks, Geoff, and my apologies to all who read the eARC and endured the error.

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