Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lobo on...human justice

I thought it might be fun to give you the occasional peek into Lobo's mind with his comments to Jon on various topics. All will come from No Going Back. I'll provide them as the mood strikes me--or if enough of you yell loudly enough.

At one point in the book, Jon says,

“What about the law? It exists to provide justice. That’s not mine to decide or to deliver.”
After which, Lobo reacts.
Lobo laughed. “I love that you can still make me laugh. Human legal systems exist for many reasons, justice being only one of them. It’s almost certainly true that the men at that auction were wealthy and, at least some of them, maybe most of them, were also powerful. Find anywhere, anytime in human history in which justice for the rich and powerful was the same as justice for the average person, and I’ll change my position...."
Anyone care to argue with him?


Michelle said...

Lobo is a very wise man, er, machine. He should run for President on the Republican ticket.

Mark said...

Ouch. He's not endorsing this difference in justice; he's just observing that it's true.

Michelle said...

I was emphasizing the wise part.

Brian Derrick said...

When I read this quote in the eARC, I had to stop and see if I could find any examples to stump Lobo with, but alas.... no dice. I even considered posting to my facebook to see if any else could, but I lost my momentum. Post more of these!


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