Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A bit more about Bruce and the novels

When I wrote the first Jon & Lobo story, "My Sister, My Self," I intended it to be the initial chapter of an episodic novel. The second chapter was to be called "Benny the Geek." I intended that each chapter begin with a song quote.

Then I sold that first story. Upon doing so, young writer me learned that you can't simply use a quote from a song in a story; you have to pay for the right. So, I set about securing the rights to use the 15 words I had quoted at the start of "My Sister, My Self." Those words were by, yes, Bruce Springsteen, and they were from the song, "The River." After some work--this was pre-Internet, doncha know--I was able to buy the rights for $25.

I got about seven cents a word, but I paid the Boss about $1.67 a word.

I wrote a check, mailed it, and realized then that, hey, I would get a Springsteen autograph on the back of that check.

No such luck.

The check returned with a stamped deposit authorization on the back.

The next chapter, whose contents and more now appear in Children No More, was to begin with a quote from a Jefferson Airplane song.

I'd repeat the two quotes here, but then I might owe more money, and right now, with over four hundred bucks of Springsteen tickets just having gone to others while I stayed home, I couldn't bear it. See me in person, though, and I'll tell you what they were.

I can show you the song from which the second quote would have come.



J. Griffin Barber said...

A stomach bug is making the rounds out here as well, Mark. Sad to hear you missed the concert.

Mark said...

Thanks. I hope you avoid the bug.


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