Friday, March 2, 2012

An iPhone I can get behind

Reader Simon Ng contacted me a while back with some questions, and we enjoyed a brief and pleasant correspondence. The other day, he sent me a note showing the name of his iPhone, and I had to share it with you--with his permission, of course.

I love the idea of Lobo delivering my blog and other information to Simon. If only the Siri voice in it could be that of Bill Nighy, the voice I hear in my head when Lobo is talking, it would be perfect.

Thanks, Simon, for the photo and the honor.


Simon Ng said...

I imagined Lobo having a voice like Jarvis, from the Iron Man movies. Jarvis had a very similar sense of humor to Lobo I think.

Brian Derrick said...

Bill Nighy! I love it. Now I can really get Lobo's voice in my head. I'm with Simon, Jarvis was the only thing I could picture, since I had, well, had it pictured for me. But the subtle difference with Bill Nighy is fun.

By the way, great idea Simon!


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