Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Parlour is back...

...and you should be eating its ice cream.

If you don't know Parlour, it is an ice cream store in a truck. A member of the local food truck scene, Parlour, which you can also follow on Twitter, uses fresh, mostly local ingredients to create some amazingly tasty ice cream. Currently available flavors include

* vanilla

* chocolate

* salted butter caramel

* Vietnamese coffee

* cherry chocolate chip

* honey hazelnut crunch

* sweet potato

* key lime pie

* blueberry buttermilk

* chocolate cookies and cream
I've sampled most of these--heck, I have a pint each of almost all the flavors in the freezer right now, fatty food for novel crunching--and they are uniformly rich and delicious.

The people who run Parlour, whose names I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know, are also always extremely nice.

Support great ice cream. Support local sourcing. Support the food truck scene.

Eat at Parlour.

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