Monday, September 5, 2011

On the road again: Dragon*Con, Atlanta, day 5

Like most cons, this one transformed into a ghost town in the space of half a day as programming wound down and the con ended in the late afternoon. Also like most cons, though, five to ten percent of the people stay to the end, which in this case makes for thousands of fans still hanging around. Even in its departure, Dragon*Con makes its size apparent.

After work and shower, I headed off to moderate the panel, "Who wants to be a writer?" As I've noted earlier, my fellow panelists were Terry Brooks, Mercedes Lackey, and Timothy Zahn, all New York Times bestsellers--and Brooks a big-time seller. About a hundred folks showed up for a largely Q&A discussion that I moderated. Our messages were amazingly consistent for four so very different writers, so I hope the would-be writers in attendance found the panel useful.

Afterward, I worked for quite a well, wandered a bit, enjoyed a good dinner, and will soon pack.

Tomorrow, I will once again attempt to stay current on email while riding in a car on the way home. (Don't worry: while I'm driving, I won't be doing email.)

By the way, if you're a fan of Sarah's writing and you're not reading her blog, you're missing out on some fine bits, such as this on a local fireworks show:

I’ve never heard or seen anything like it - the light in the sky and the hills lying silent and black against the dark blue of the night, the explosions striking them like drums.
Yeah, that's my daughter.

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