Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An alternate perspective:
Tigger answers the Dr. Efficient questions, #3

Warning: The following is an adult entry. If you are underage or simply do not want to read about sex-related topics, stop now.

Tigger is still working hard to catch up to Dr. Efficient and is now on her third installment.


All opinions are those of Tigger.

Why is porn such a rush??

I'm not entirely convinced it is "such a rush," but this is likely because I wasn't raised right or something.

I suspect that porn is more exciting to you if you were raised to view it as illicit, forbidden, shameful.

Especially, if you were also raised to view sex as illicit, forbidden, shameful, since then porn triggers those same feelings you associate with sex and orgasm.

In addition to it just being a rush to be getting away with something you think you shouldn't be doing.

For the rest of us, it's just a visual cue to inspire thoughts about sex.

Or, for some, maybe instruction on new and interesting ways to perform sex.

On the whole, though, for those of us who do it, having sex is way more fun than porn.
Why do most men have the ultimate dream of having sex with more than one woman at a time? Preferably twins. Preferably twin cheerleaders. Preferably twin cheerleaders that are built like Pamela Anderson?


When asked about their favorite sexual fantasy, why do most men suggest a menage a trois (with two women and one man, not two men and one woman)?
Generally, because men are gluttons: if one is good, surely two are better!

Also, because they haven't thought things through properly. In the minds of most men, this is two women working to satisfy him, rather than two women he has to figure out how to simultaneously please.

I have a friend who is perfectly horrified by the idea of the traditional two-women, one-man menage a trois arrangement. He has explained to me how it sounds like a grueling amount of work, and he would much rather have a woman suck him off while she took it in the ass from some other dude, because then, it's no work for him and all pleasure, right?

Possibly, he was just trying to impress me with how thoughtful and conscientious he is about wanting everyone else involved in his sexual escapades to be satisfied, too.

Possibly, he hasn't really thought it through, either, and other men just plan to outfit the second woman with a strap-on.
I would like Dr. Efficient to explain to me how this beautiful girl doesn’t have a boyfriend.
Oh good, I think he did. :)

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