Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fragment of a conversation

I recently had a conversation with a person that struck me as so odd that I could barely keep myself from laughing during it. Here's a fragment of that exchange.

Person: Did that hurt at all?

Me: No.

Person: Good. I expressed the gland.

Me: Okay.

Person: It came clear.

Me: That's good?

Person: Yes. If it came milky, that would be a sign of a problem.

Me: Uh-huh.

Person: What I want you to do now is milk the gland at least four times a day.

Me: Okay.

Person: Use the three-finger milking technique, like this. [demonstrates]

Me: Okay.

Person: At least ten strokes each time you milk it.

Me: Okay.
Can you guess the context?

Tomorrow, I'll tell you.


Ticia said...

My dog gets her anal glands expressed. Do humans have anal glands? And yes, I see what you were alluding to. I'm not going there.

Mark said...

That is way more information than I ever wanted about Olivia.

No, that was not the topic of my conversation.


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