Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An alternate perspective:
Tigger answers the Dr. Efficient questions, #4

Warning: The following is an adult entry. If you are underage or simply do not want to read about sex-related topics, stop now.

The first home post after my long trip comes courtesy of Tigger, who is coming up fast on Dr. Efficient with her fourth installment.


All opinions are those of Tigger.

Being a Tantra master, you are aware that according to theory, sex can be sustained for many hours at a time. To be honest, I think my honey pot would turn into sandpaper. Tell me how this is attained without a man's veined beast being shredded into pulp?

I'm actually not a Tantra master (and I seriously suspect that Dr. Efficient isn't, either).

Tantra has always sounded to me too much like putting a lot of effort into taking something gloriously fun (sex) and making it into a lot of boring work.

This doesn't mean I haven't spent hours at a time having sex with a man, just that Tantra wasn't involved. (A man can get hard again pretty quickly after orgasm if given appropriate encouragement.)

So long as lubrication is involved (natural or otherwise), you can pretty much have sex indefinitely without having problems. Well, maybe not indefinitely; eventually, you're bound to get hungry.
Why in God's name would someone want to fuck animals? And is it true the same [sic] men of a Mediterranean culture have special boots made for fucking sheep?
Well, you know, sometimes you're just horny.

Or feeling experimental, I guess.

Men seem willing to insert a penis in almost anything, presumably with hopes that it might feel good and they'll get off.

And, as to the other, I really, really hope not.

As long as you keep sending in questions, Tigger and Dr. Efficient will return soon! Email your queries to me or send them via the Contact page on my site.

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