Thursday, August 4, 2011

On the road again: Silicon Valley, day 4

I'm rarely going to love a day that starts with me waking up at six a.m., but today went surprisingly well. The morning could have been far worse, because I did manage almost five hours of sleep. The usual process of showering, checking out, returning the rental car, and riding the train to the airport consumed the usual unreasonable amount of time, but every step went smoothly. American flies out of the new Terminal 2 at SFO, and it's a lovely place as airports go, so the time there was as good as it could be.

After moving through the security sludge, I stopped in a bookstore just to browse briefly. I was pleasantly surprised to see a book of mine in an airport bookstore for the very first time.

(Click on the image to see a bigger version.)

Of course, my greedy self would like to have seen a shelf full with a complete selection of my novels and anthologies, not just a single copy of the first book, but still, it's a start.

I worked in the Admiral's Club, where the bandwidth was decent and the soda free. What more could I ask?

I enjoyed first class seats on both legs, which was awesome. The first had no bandwidth on offer, but they gave me a breakfast/lunch with recognizable parts and adequate taste, so I didn't have to scramble between flights for lunch. Instead, I went to the O'Hare Admiral's Club and--you guessed it--worked. How exciting my life is!

I'm writing most of this on the plane home, which did have bandwidth for sale. I do love that and wish every plane had it.

I arrived home to a huge stack of mail and packages, plus unpacking and all the usual work. To it I go!

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