Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the road again: Renovation (WorldCon), Reno, day 2

Verbal snapshots from a mostly work-filled day here at WorldCon.

The blackout curtains at the hotel are superb. The only visible light is the glow of the dehumidifier. All hotels should have to meet this standard.

On the way into the dealer's room, this vending machine:

As opposed to those useless single-purpose spoons? I'm never going to be content with a regular spoon again.

In the dealer's room, Sally Kibbee said to me something all writers like to hear: "Don't just stand there with your hands in your pockets. Sign books!"

Watching the Chesley awards ceremony, I was struck by how much passion so many in SF have for every aspect of the field. It's quite heartening.

While cruising the art show in the evening, the best line of the day, from a mother to her balloon-sword-wielding daughter: "No en garde in the art show, dear."

Words to live by.

At the Texas in 2013 party, brisket on white bread with Salt Lick's sauce. Yum.

After finishing my work, I spent a few very late-night hours in the poker room. Three other people at the table knew what they were doing, but fortunately for us, six did not. Won a little, had some fun, and enjoyed the people watching.

I time-shift entirely too easily. Despite what the timestamp on this entry says, it's 4:30 in the morning here. I have a work call in three and a half hours, but I can blame only myself for trading a few hours of sleep for the same time at poker.


Michelle said...

They call them sporks-fork on one end, spoon on the other and a serrated edge down the side of the spoon. Totally worthless as they are too short to hold properly and I cut my tongue on the stupid spoon/knife edge. Walk away, walk away very quickly.

Mark said...

I know about sporks, and I even like them (I have no problems with the serrated it), but the picture on this machine is of an ordinary spoon.

Sarah said...

We have that machine at Alpine Bagels at Duke! They are actually just spoons. They are nice and wide, though, kind of like soup spoons.

Michelle said...

My mistake, sorry...

Mark said...

No worries. I was kinda hoping they would prove to be sporks, because at least then they'd be unusual. Perhaps there is a national spoon marketing team trying to make us all love this traditional device more than we already do!


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