Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Death Cab for Cutie and Frightened Rabbit

Thanks to Sarah bringing the show to our attention, a group of us went to see these two bands in concert last night. I was only moderately familiar with their music, but now I intend to listen to all of it.

Frightened Rabbit, a Scottish band, opened the show. The air was hotter than the devil's nut sack, and the band members were clearly uncomfortable in the heat, but for their short set they rocked hard. I very much enjoyed their music. This song was one of my favorites.

After the usual set change, Death Cab for Cutie took the stage. Lead singer Ben Gibbard dominated the performance, singing every song and playing multiple instruments--mostly guitars, but some keyboard and even some drum work.

I was pleasantly surprised by the length of their set, which with the encore ran close to two hours. Their sound was harder rock than I remembered, but I quite liked it. My only complaint is that at times the instrumentals ran too long for my taste, but that's common in rock shows.

Though I enjoyed the hard rock numbers, my favorite was this acoustic number, which Gibbard sang alone on the stage.

If either of these bands comes near you, definitely check them out.

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