Friday, July 29, 2011

To reiterate about Dr. Efficient

Folks are still asking me three key questions about the Dr. Efficient columns, so even though I've answered them humorously before, I thought I would take a moment to answer them directly here.

Q: Is Dr. Efficient just a pseudonym of yours?

A. No. Dr. Efficient is the name under which my friend, Kyle, writes the columns.

Q. Does Kyle really write the columns?

A. Yes. I make a very light editing pass to bring his prose into conformance with my personal style guide (e.g., I like the serial comma), but that's it.

Q. Are women really sending in those questions, or are you just making them up?

A. Women really are sending me the questions. I have not made up a single one.

On a different note, because he performed it the other night and I loved it, here's Josh Ritter doing "Lillian, Egypt."

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