Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Josh Ritter in a club

is even better than he was in a theater when I saw him almost a year and a half ago. Tonight was the last night of his current short tour, and he and the Royal City Band tore up the place. The show was amazing. His energy and smiles were infectious and had the house rocking. He was more animated and happier at the end than at the beginning, and he started like a man bursting to run.

The narrative in my head rarely ceases, but tonight during several songs it did. I was, as always, particularly touched by his statements on love and art in "Snow Is Gone." I've featured it before, but it bears repetition.

The line "I'm singing for the love of it; have mercy on the man who sings to be adored" reminded me yet again that as an artist I have to write because I love it, need to do it, and not for any other reason.

Ritter's love of performing was so clear and so compelling tonight that I wish I could have shared the show with every friend I have.

If he comes to your area, don't miss him.

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pjz said...

Glad to see Josh getting more and more recognition - I've been a fan for years, since I saw him pushing his self-titled album on a small stage at SXSW in 1999 or 2000. "Bone of Song" is my all-time favorite of his; it was awesome live when I first saw him and I was glad when he finally recorded it.


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